18 months to 2.5 years

Our toddler program provides learning activities that are developmentally appropriate by stimulating and challenging the children through a creative and educational environment. The children are able to learn freely at their own pace through play and accomplishments.  Discovery is based on children’s own experience and understandings. Toddlers are given opportunities to explore, experiment, and discover with hands-on experiences through creative, fine motor and gross motor activities.  Curriculum is incorporated and introduced in familiar and innovative units every week which will spark natural curiosities, interests, and passion.

The toddler phonics program is provided to the five older toddlers that are preparing for graduation.   Our phonics program teaches the recognition of the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colours. These are taught using various strategies, aided by flashcards, music, matching games and by play.  We individually program plan for each child to help them achieve their milestones and meet the developmental needs.