I want to thank you and all educators from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, warmth, affection and support that you all have shown my son.

The team at ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’ provides a caring and nurturing environment not only for the children attending but for the child’s family as well.
We have been able to put our trust in all of  you to be sensitive to the needs of our little one, and provide the very best in care, positive health and nutrition education and lunch/snack menu’s, and an engaging curriculum.

The team go above and beyond in their efforts to integrate family with childcare creating a community environment for all involved.
(examples include,  Christmas concerts, Mother/Father’s Day celebrations, birthday celebrations, visits to the zoo, farms, parks; celebration of cultural events ect.)

MSMD childcare also provide information on a very regular basis not only about each child but about the community and always encourage more integration between families and the center. (examples include: regular newsletters, ‘day books’ containing details and pictures of each child’s day plus a child’s portfolio at the end of the year, health information to warn families of disease outbreaks in the local community, child safety advise etc.)  All of the above combined, along with the smiles on the educators and children’s faces create an outstanding experience for the children and families. 

Thank you again for providing a safe, educational and fun environment during the past 2 years that our son has attended. He has had a great many stories, songs and adventures to tell us over the years;  He still talks about MSMD, still keeps in touch with some of the buddies in his class, and he is also in touch with some of the teachers as well. All these memories at ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’ will stay with him for many years to come.

Love, Rosetta

“Monkey See Monkey Do (Burlington Campus) has without a doubt proven to provide excellent care when it comes to the wellbeing of my daughter and her fundamental development. Our introduction to Monkey See Monkey Do was based on the recommendation from a family relative. Our first visit with our daughter was very overwhelming, the teachers were very welcoming and they understood our concerns and assured us we have nothing to worry about because almost every parent has this reaction the very first time. The time it took for my daughter to adjust to her surroundings and the daily routine programs offered, was surprisingly quite quickly. I must say the teachers met her needs exceptionally, it is evident that they treat each child equally and are trained and qualified to deal with any situation that arises. The care we are getting here for our child is an important one and an environment we desire, so she can develop the skills she needs to prepare her for the future. Thank You Monkey See Monkey Do Teachers for caring and teaching our daughter. I would highly recommend sending your kids to Monkey See Monkey Do Campus.”

“Our boys have been going to the Appleby campus of MSMD for 4 months now and it has been an amazing experience for them. The genuine care the teachers show to the kids is second to none.  The daily, and extracurricular activities offered are exciting for the kids and they are given great opportunity to learn new things, all while having fun. MSMD has created a wonderful environment and our kids absolutely love it there. I would highly recommend this daycare to anyone that is looking for a place where their kids will be safe, happy and very well cared for.  I can’t say enough good things about the Appleby Campus!”

Jen Wiley


“Monkey See Monkey Do has become a second home for our kids Sara and Danny. Sara has been with the center for the past 3 years and Danny for the past 10 months. Sara will be leaving in September to go to school and she will truly miss the center and her teachers.   The teachers are professionals with a big heart and a lot of love for the kids in the center. All Teachers that Sara and Danny have had have been amazing. I specially remember when Sara was in Mrs. Anna Marie and Keisha’s class how patient they were with her and how much they cater to my little drama queen. I also remember the support the center offered to us when Danny was sick and how worried they were about his health. We also love the organized field trips and activities. The menu is well balanced and we are very comfortable with the quality of food our kids are getting. Mrs. Keisha Black has been amazing to deal with and we are happy that she is back in the Appleby center. She is a fun, caring and dedicated teacher and my kids have been able to experience her love. As parents we feel absolutely comfortable with the care the center provides for our kids. It is safe, caring, fun, nurturing and loving environment. Sara has evolved into this little girl thanks to all of the experiences she has had of sharing with her teachers and friend. We love the fact that the center has kids from all backgrounds and that speaks about an environment free of differences. Diversity is definitely present. We recommend the center to any parent in look for a new home for their kids. They will for sure enjoy their time at Monkey See, Monkey Do!”

“MSMD is a great daycare provider. When first looking for a daycare as a first time mom I looked a numerous options, as soon as I walked into their Burlington location I felt comfortable leaving my baby there! The staff was friendly, and warm, the whole Center was clean and had lots of fun toys and I felt safe and happy leaving my child in their care. They provide great meals, and wonderful extracurricular options like music, sign language, and yoga! I have now also sent my 2nd baby there as well and she loves it there too! We love MSMD and I recommend them to family and friends all the time!”

Jen Defrenza

“Our girls joined the toddler and JK/SK class at eighteen months and four years of age. The experience has enriched both girls and had a tremendous impact on their perception of school. Monkey See Monkey Do, being their first classroom experience has created a joy and love of learning. Both children look forward to their classroom activities, and have many wonderful stories to share at the end of each day. As parents, we have appreciated the ongoing and consistent communication. The staff at the centre have graciously answered our questions and welcomed family feedback. The teachers have supported their learning and helped us feel at ease as we left our girls in their care. We are grateful for the planned excursions and special visitors that provide that extra special excitement at the centre. Monkey See Monkey Do has exceeded our expectations and as parents we know that our girls have gained the tools necessary to be successful in their next school placement.” The Basile Family

“I’m a single mom with 3 kids that have all attended MSMD.  Now that my two older kids are in school, they still ask to attend during PD days and holiday breaks.  The staff at MSMD is second to none. They care for my children as if they were their own and I am confident that they are learning and enjoying their days in a safe, fun and creative environment.  Site directors Ashley and Keisha are friendly and always go above and beyond to accommodate our hectic schedule. Chef Roger makes in-house healthy and delicious meals that even my picky eaters devour.  The on and off site activities are an amazing addition to the program.  Exotic animals, magic shows, carnival and splash days provide variety and excitement to everyday programming while regular weekly music, yoga and karate sessions keep the kids active and balanced.  Deanna and Aldo welcome you into their centers as if you are part of their family and as an on the go mom, provides a comfort knowing my kids have a second home.”

-T Cochrane (MSMD client since 2013)


“As parents, it’s great to see our child develop in a safe learning environment that is organized and fun. The staff have been genuinely caring and accommodating at all levels. , Monkey See Monkey Do has been a very positive experience.” Cal Campbell

“The most important thing in our lives, are our children. Leaving them in the care of someone else is extremely difficult. MSMD has taken amazing care of our son. He is always happy and exhausted when I pick him up. He has built a strong bond with all of his teachers from each room he’s been in. Although we miss each one when he moves on, I know that the next will be equally supportive and caring. The amount of knowledge, independence and common sense he’s gained is amazing. we look forward to our youngest starting in January in the infant room.”


“The most important decision a working parent can make is who you choose to take care of your child. The atmosphere and staff at MSMD are welcoming, open, and enthusiastic. The experiences my daughter has had have been enriching and educational but most important for her…fun. Together we’ve watched her grow and develop into her own person with the strength and self-assurance that can only come when a child feels loved and respected by those around her…at home and at school.” V.L. Dixon

“When I found out I was pregnant with my first child back in 2003, it was hard to imagine anyone else looking after my child, this precious soul whom we were responsible for not only loving but for raising him in a safe (mental, physical and emotional) environment, educating him in all aspects of life and teaching him right from wrong.

We started looking for the “right” daycare and by chance we happened to be in the same plaza as MSMD. Right there and then I knew this is where I would want my child to spend his days, playing, learning and having fun. I got a great vibe just by looking in from the outside.

MSMD has been part of our lives for the past 11 years and there was no doubt in my mind when I found out I was pregnant with my second child that this is where I would want her to be while I was at work. Deanna, Sarah and the team at MSMD have created a very special environment that I haven’t seen at any other daycare that I visited. In fact, while we were waiting to be full-time at MSMD back in 2005, I took Liam to another daycare on the days that he wasn’t at MSMD and he used to kick and scream when we got there, which for me was a sure sign that something wasn’t quite right with the care they were providing. When we would pull up to MSMD, Liam couldn’t wait to get inside, he was so happy there and Eleanor has been just as happy.

For me, raising a child is the responsibility of the parents, but also the responsibility of a community to help the parents raise the future generation.

It takes a village to raise a child….it takes a village to protect a child and it takes a village to educate a child.

The team at MSMD has done just that and I will forever be grateful. You have loved and cared for both my children and made sure they were safe and sound.

Keep up the hard work; you are ALL doing an amazing job J”