Hip Hop

Ages: Preschool
Duration: 12 week session, ½ hour classes

Hip Hop dance classes are a great healthy outlet of energy. Children get the chance to express themselves in a positive manner and have a great time doing it.
It allows development of their gross motor skills like: jumping, stomping, spinning and crouching.
It also develops children’s flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness


Music Classes

Ages: Toddler to Preschool
Duration:  Mid September- mid June, ½ hour class

Stay tuned Ben’s Biography coming September 2014!!!

Sense of steady beat
Sense of pitch accuracy
Physical expression of music
Accurate musical terminology
Reading of basic rhythms and musical symbols General music appreciation


Sign Language

Ages:  Toddler to Preschool

Duration: 12 week session, ½ hr class

Each 12-week signing session will focus on a specific curriculum allowing your child to fully understand the signs he/she is seeing, practising and using.  All of the signs learned are true American Sign Language and will be taught through fun, engaging and interactive games, songs and activities.  Children who sign have been found to have earlier verbal skills, greater word retention, higher IQs and to better be able to focus in a school environment.  But above all else, our goal with this program is to introduce your child to sign language in a fun and encouraging environment.  After each session children will have their own illustrated sign language dictionary to keep.

Martial Arts

Ages:   Preschool

Duration: 12 week session, ½ hr class

Monkey See Monkey   Do, creates a learning environment through our Taekwondo classes that teaches   children fundamental skills such as physical coordination, respecting   themselves and others, flexibility, balance, and mental acumen.

“What can   Taekwondo Do for children?”

  • Enhance self-esteem by heightening your physical and mental powers.
  •   Build confidence by encouraging you to succeed and to take control of   your life. Develop discipline by thoroughly training your body and mind in   the tenets and techniques of Taekwondo. Teach self-defense by training you to   recognize situations in which physical self-defense may be necessary, and   teaching you how to control such situations to your advantage.
  •   Strengthen your mind and body through increased physical coordination   and mental discipline



Ages: Preschool
Duration: 12 week session, ½ hour classes

Yoga enhances children’s flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. It also strengthens their concentration and sense of calmness. It is a relaxing exercise that helps improve their gross motor skills and cooperation while working in large groups and sharing space.