“Tell me,  and I’ll forget. Show me,  and I might remember. Involve me,  and I will learn .”

Monkey See Monkey Do is a Learning Centre. My staff and I will provide you services that go above and beyond your expectations. They spend their days stimulating all the children physically,  emotionally,  and educationally. Each of our teachers brings with them an array of experience and skills. Some are extremely artistic,  some are creative and some are linguistic or musically inclined. Our teachers are also a great resource to you. If you ever have any questions regarding child related issues,  feel free to ask our teachers for opinions/advice.

Welcome to Monkey See Monkey Do Childcare and Development Centres.

Our childcare facility offers a safe, happy and healthy environment for children to flourish in all aspects of life. Our philosophy fosters an educational experience enhanced by visual arts, sensory, music, science, phonics, yoga, fitness and hands on cooking. Children will achieve optimum learning through play, social interaction with staff and peers, emotional support and intellectual development.

Our current philosophy coupled with the Ministry of Educations pedagogy “How Does Learning Happen”, has filled the gaps to further help families, staff and children better understand education. Together we make learning a priority to help enhance caregiver/child interactions. This partnership further assists the skill set needed to reach all milestones within the centre, through cognitive, gross motor, fine motor and sensorial activities.   These experiences lead to positive outcomes in the classroom allowing the children, staff and parents to think outside the box. The four foundation’s of Belonging, well being, engagement and expression help our centre focus on what really matters regardless of the child’s age, ability, culture or language.

Our Preschool Room follows a 1:8 ratio. The age group in this classroom is 2.5 years to 4 years of age. To accommodate the array of learning needs in this classroom,  the children are placed into groups according to their cognitive abilities. This allows each child to be continuously challenged.

Our Toddler Room follows a 1:5 ratio with an age group ranging from 15 months to 2.5 years of age. This program plan introduces the basic fundamentals to phonics,  colors,  numbers and self help skills. The teachers are educated in child development,  which gives them the skills to develop goals for the young children,  i.e. social,  emotional,  cognitive,  fine motor,  etc. at an age appropriate level.

Our Infant program provides learning activities that are developmentally appropriate by stimulating the Infants through an enriched learning environment. This program is for ages 6 weeks-18 months and follows a 1:3 ratio. The children are able to learn freely at their own pace through play and activities.  Discovery is based on children’s own experience and understandings. Infants are given opportunities to explore and discover with hands-on experiences through creative, fine motor and gross motor activities.

Everyday,  in each classroom,  the children are offered a creative activity to partake in. This artwork is displayed for some time and will than be taken home to cherish. Sometimes the creative experience may be individual or as a group.

The teachers also conduct daily gathering times where all the children partake in songs,  stories,  cognitive games,  science experiments,  discussions about current events,  language activities,  show and tell,  etc.

In addition to providing more information about each of our classrooms,  I want to convey the message that learning occurs at all times. Whether the children are dressing up in the dramatic area,  they are learning to be ‘big people’. Cooking,  cleaning,  taking care of children,  they are learning to be just like you – everything that they see you do,  they want to do! The children learn patience,  empathy,  understanding,  acceptance,  and friendship,  through socializing with their peers. They learn about shapes,  spatial differences,  matching,  sequencing,  etc. through fine motor games,  puzzles,  and shape sorters. The children express themselves creatively throughout many activities and are always thrilled to show or demonstrate their achievements. Our teachers attempt to foster the individuality of each child!, It is important to understand that no matter what age a child is,  they all learn through play. When the children are together they strengthen each other’s social skills as they become inquisitive about their world around them. Our teachers are here to nurture this inquisitiveness and appreciate the desires and preferences of each individual child.



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