Puzzle Drive

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January 29th-Feb 1st, 2019 

As soon as your child opens their eyes, the whole world is a puzzle, and there are a million things they need to decipher and solve as they grow up. Different puzzles and logic toys will help your child develop different skills, but there are some overarching benefits that are common throughout.

Intellectual Benefits

Puzzles and logic toys help to stimulate the thinking side of your child’s brain, and force them to focus on problem solving skills such as process and logic. They begin to understand that there are several ways to attack a problem, and will experiment with ways which work best for them. The more puzzles and logic toy your child explores, the stronger their personal sense of process will be.

The problem-solving skills learnt through puzzles can be transferred to every area of your child’s life.

Physical Benefits

At a young age, puzzles help children to develop fine motor skills, which in everyday terms means the ability to make small (or fine) movements. The picking up, grasping or pincing of pieces helps to develop fine muscle control, which in turn helps your child when it comes to writing-ready time.

Emotional and Social Benefits

Puzzles offer a number of emotional and social benefits including:

  • A sense of achievement when the puzzle is complete
  • The development of determination and perseverance
  • Co-operation when completing a puzzle with others
  • The chance to solve problems independently and know when you have reached a right result

This February Monkey See Monkey Do will be organizing a Puzzle drive that supports fine motor and cognitive development within the classroom and at home. We need your help to make it a successful and enriched event.

Our Puzzle Drive will begin Jan-28-Feb-1st, 2019. Donated used or new puzzles are greatly cherished and can be dropped off in your classroom. Puzzles can be for ages 18 months to 6 years of age. Your support and participation is greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned to your Classroom Newsletter, Event Calendar and Classroom Program Plan for our daily activities during our weekly event as we will be focusing our programs on fine motor and cognitive development!

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