How child care providers prepare children for school.

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“Daycare is a great stepping stone for children entering school. At Monkey See Monkey Do, we provide a wide selection of programs that help to prepare children for school. However, we also offer junior and senior kindergarten at our centre as well, as a great transition to elementary schooling.”

Group Of Elementary Age Children In Art Class With Teacher Sitting Down At Table Drawing

Daycare is in place not only for supervision, but to ease children into the structured learning environment that comes along with school. Daycare providers that include education and arts are great for preparation. This is why choosing the right provider is an extremely important decision that should be considered and well thought out.

Monkey See Monkey Do is an arts-focused centre that helps children to familiarize with routines that they will encounter with the formal school system.

Our programs expose children to numbers, shapes, letters, etc. allowing them to enter a kindergarten program with higher pre-reading skills, stronger vocabularies, and a head start on basic math skills, making the entire transition to school a much easier one.

Children gain a sense of self, and learn about socialization. This is huge when it comes to school preparation. Enrolling your child allows them to experience socializing with other children and developing friendships in working together, learning to share, and participating in a group atmosphere. Children learn that they can do things by themselves such as pouring some juice, or setting the table!

Preschool centres take children away from the comforts of parental care in a positive way.

Monkey See Monkey Do’s program consists of group activities and projects, report cards, developmental checklists, reading, math, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, strengthening cognitive skills, step-by-step problem solving, outdoor play, and before and after school supervision.
This option is one to consider, and can make the transition even easier on children.

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